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Written by: HES on 01/03/2014 23:22:33

Do you remember Reef from back in the 90's? I'd hope you do. Their recent re-unition must have sparked something in guitarist Kenwyn House, because his side-project Goldray is now out with a release of their own: "Goldray EP". I've seen different references thrown around like Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Tame Impala and Led Zeppelin. Although there's no doubt the band uses trippy accents, groove in their riffs and psychedelic soundscapes - what the music really is, is well-crafted rock-music in a particularly well-mixed wrapping.

Vocalist Leah Rasmussen is beyond talented and gives Goldray’s 70's references a little brush off so the songs end up sounding more contemporary. The riffs are repetitive in that trippy way that makes you somehow zone out and just listen in a trance. There's no doubt that House still has the talents in check. The single "Outloud" is a jangly, deep, layered track with Rasmussen’s vocals so crisp and clean that they pierce through the darkness. On "Diamond Road", through a whopping eight minutes, Rasmussen plays with some more rock'ish elements like a bit of growling. "Calling Your Name" is a slower song with a bass guitar riff and an almost trip hoppy feel to it. The song almost sounds like the backdrop of an ouija-board séance or a witch-doctor visit, calling on spirits from beyond. Besides the guitars, we also get excellent bass-work from Geoff Laurens and even a bit of 70's style organs.

Overall "Goldray EP" is a promising, well-sounding, catchy as hell release, setting the bar for EP's all-around with its dedication to creating a musical universe in only four songs. I'm excited to see if it gets boring on an full length record, but for now the four songs are actually just right to leave you wanting more. I hope it becomes more than just a "side-project" by House, and you don't have to normally like the psych aspects of it - it honestly transcends the words other magazines have attached to them. If you like well-written alternative rock, you should just go ahead and give this EP a spin.


Download: Diamond Road, Outloud, Calling Your Name
For The Fans Of: Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Tame Impala, Led Zeppelin
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Release Date 27.01.2014

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