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From The Other Side EP

Written by: BL on 05/05/2014 12:34:30

Canadian DIY post-hardcore outfit Something You Whisper's new EP "From The Other Side" is a surprising, albeit small beast despite a smattering of obvious generic influences from across the board (and borders). Having toured with some pretty sizable names like We Came As Romans, The Word Alive and Sleeping With Sirens, the band seems a prime candidate for stepping into the bigger leagues should they continue to make a name for themselves.

The sound on this EP is polished to a tee and is surprisingly consistent even for seasoned genre veterans. No surprises with what you get - jam packed with furious (though predictable) riffing, fast breakdowns, synths and almost every song has a plethora of decent singing. Frontman Wes Will handles almost all of the vocal duties and has a rather confident, almost dominant presence on the EP which is both pleasant and unusal for this particular style of metalcore/post-hardcore given that he doesn't scream at all. There are very minor instances of harsh vocals from one of the guitar players but it's not really a primary vocal factor for the majority of the tracks, which despite heavy instrumentation actually complement the sound less than the cleans which are absurdly catchy at times. The contrast when they do show up is particularly noticeable like at the end of "Speak To Me". You may also find that Wes comes close to a Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) impression on the acoustic version of "Who I've Become" late on.

The vocals aside, the hints of electronic influences and the way the guitars sound chunky likely stems from their collaboration with I See Stars members on the production of this EP. Though falling short of the bombastic mixture found on said band's latest album "New Demons", Something You Whisper opt for a more straightforward approach to the tried and tested songwriting style this genre typically entails. The flashes of impressive guitar licks that liven up "Anti-Conscience" somewhat alleviates the illusion that this is another band where the members only know how to chug an open string chord. The songs don't typically dwell too much on the more banal aspects either though falters occasionally like when a random dissonant breakdown appears out of nowhere. Thankfully these moments are few and far between and rest of the progressions and transitions feels largely natural.

If you are out looking for a new post-hardcore/metalcore band and know what to expect then "From The Other Side" is hardly going to do you any wrong. Something You Whisper certainly sound like they're out to mean business, and perhaps a full length could allow the band to push their sound further than just largely well done but short-sighted elements.


Download: Who I've Become, Dead In Fiction, Anti-Conscience
For the fans of: I See Stars, Life On Repeat, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens
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Release date 04.03.2014
Self Released

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