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Born Hanged EP

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Black Tongue is a new band formed in 2013 in Hull, England. They released the EP “Born Hanged” earlier this month, which is the follow-up to debut EP “Falsifier”. They are currently unsigned and are obviously hoping to get recognition with this new EP, which is currently being promoted by Total Deathcore who refer to them as “one of the heaviest-hitting new bands in modern metal” and “one of the most original and groundbreaking bands in the underground scene”. While there is no doubt that the band is heavy-hitting, ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘original’ seem pretty farfetched on the basis on this new EP.

Black Tongue is part of a new movement of hardcore bands who focus almost exclusively on creating a thick sound of heaviness, breakdowns and simple song patterns resulting in a presentation lacking melody, variations in tempo and technical prowess. The tempo on “Born Hanged” is extremely slow paced and heavy and the band establishes a dirty and hate filled atmosphere over the course of these six tracks with guitars tuned to the depths of hell and the vocalist’s demonic gutturals being delivered with ferocious brutality. Much like what is the case with the newest EP from similar band Traitors, upon listening to “Born Hanged” one becomes annoyed by the repetitiveness and lack of energy that the EP exudes. No doubt is it heavy, but that is about it.

Album opener “Foreshadow” is a 26-second track of indecipherable growling which leads into the song “Waste” that starts slow with one-note chug chords and some harmonic notes in the background. The drums are slow and simple and the vocalist bellows with a strong voice which fits the music well and definitely plays a major part in creating the atmosphere of the EP. The songs “Blight” and “Purgatory” show off some other aspects of the band with mid-tempo parts and even a little bit of double bass. The vocalist adds staccato vocal techniques, which is a nice change of pace from the otherwise prolonged growls that dominate the EP. However, for the most part “Born Hanged” consists of one slow and heavy part after another and the tempo drags on forever. It is incredibly tedious and rather exhausting listening through this EP, because of the lack of dynamics and memorable elements and the highlights and changes of pace that almost never show.

Download: Waste, Blight, Coma
For the fans of: Traitors, Immoralist, Emmure, Bermuda
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Release date 08.05.2014

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