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The next band you need to know in the current surge of 90s emo revivalists is Adventures from Pittsburgh. Their debut full-length "Supersonic Home" channels exactly the same kind of Braid and The Get Up Kids influence as Tigers Jaw has made a mark with in recent years. That is to say, their expression is directly sourced from the golden era of emo's origins during the 90s. As a result, they share a remarkably similar soundscape drenched in melancholy and nostalgia, led by the intriguing dynamic between dual female vocalists Reba Meyers and Kimi Hanauer.

The album opens with the slightly pop punk-esque "Dream Blue Haze", which indicates a Chumped-like flavoring to the genre, but primarily the band engage in creating emotional and relaxed soundscapes characterized by their fragile and awkward nature. "Tension" is really the perfect example where influences from FEST veterans Lemuria and Mixtapes are meshed in the distinct Tigers Jaw feel that the song has. It's honesty-driven, slightly shy, and definitely awkward, whilst retaining an irresistible melody structure that makes the song a highlight on the record. It's catchy without being necessarily poppy, thanks to it's indie rock flavor and quieter instrumentation. It's not alone. Most of the tracks are geared more towards emotional introspection than fast-paced pop punk sing-alongs. That shy awkwardness is exactly what makes it work - combined with a perfect sense for clean, melancholic croons that rival Tigers Jaw in their emotion levels.

Still, "Supersonic Home" doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel. They trace the steps of many a band before them revitalizing the 90s style emo scene in the 2010s. Lemuria, Tigers Jaw, Mixtapes, Candy Hearts, Chumped, Everyone Everywhere, Dowsing... the list goes on and on, but luckily the genre hasn't totally been made stale just yet. If you're into silky female vocals over indie-flavored pop punk instrumentation, "Supersonic Home" is exactly for you. Just imagine a Lemuria split with Tigers Jaw and here you have it.

Download: Pure, Tension, Dream Blue Haze
For the fans of: Tigers Jaw, Lemuria, The Get Up Kids, Mixtapes, Candy Hearts, Chumped
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Release date 17.02.2015
Run For Cover Records

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