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Somewhere In The Darkness

Written by: PP on 18/08/2015 22:38:32

In Transit is a relatively new Copenhagen, Denmark-based rock band who released their debut album "Somewhere In The Darkness" a few months earlier. It's an album drenched in 80s style ambiance mixed together with early 2000s indie rock extravaganza - practically like a curious mix between The Cure and The Killers in the same sound. Plenty of computerized effects are used to create an echoing, spacious indie rock atmosphere with softly sung vocals that range from Brit rock worship (think Oasis, etc) to flat out pop rock designed for the radios.

Basically, In Transit focus very much on atmosphere and the ambiance in their music. On "Boys Of Berlin" they opt for a more upbeat approach, resulting into a catchy track that brings to mind The Killers among others. But on "We Change It All" they go for a more ambitious, more expansive soundscape, which works equally well. We see the same approach on third album highlight "What Have You Been Looking For", which plays effectively on the faded back vocals and the louder guitars dynamic. "I Want You Know", on the other hand, is more of a standard big-stage indie rock song of which we've heard tonnes of coming from the Britain over the years, although here as well the dark ghosts of the 80s haunt within the music.

It's an interesting mix that we don't hear too often these days, but the retrospective approach makes it questionable whether it's at all relevant in 2015. After all, it's been about 30 years since bands of this type last time were popular. While "Somewhere In The Darkness" makes a decent effort at updating the sound with a few catchy tracks, there's a continuous feeling of it all being slightly out-of-place throughout the record.

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For the fans of: Depeche Mode, Oasis, The Killers, The Cure
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Release date 27.04.2015
Target Records

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