Meliah Rage

The Deep And The Dreamless Sleep

Written by: PP on 24/09/2007 12:55:05

OK, I need a bit of public opinion on this one. Which old genre is the most saturated and irrelevant in 2007? Anyone? I'd without hesitation say power metal. The bands belonging to that dreaded genre sound exactly the same today as they did over 20 years ago, and they are seemingly ignorant of the factor that the only fans they have are those long haired old dudes who grew up during the 80s other than the minority who feel like they were born to the wrong musical era. As the reviewer of Meliah Rage's newest album "The Deep And The Dreamless Sleep", I can't say I belong to either category, so expect a bunch of bias to this review.

You see, Meliah Rage is once again a band that has been going on for almost 20 years, but yet I could swear this is the very first time I've heard anything about them although I've been paying close attention to the music scene for the past 5 years if not more. Although the promo sheet lists touring with Slayer and other infamous thrash acts under their achievements, nothing about their newest release suggests that they should be given any attention at all. All ingredients of the ever-so-generic formula of power metal are there; the massive riffs, 'true metal' styled clean vocals, and a decisively 80s overall sound. You could easily go back 20 years and find the likes of Judas Priest and Rage doing somewhat the same thing - the only twist Meliah Rage has added is the slight thrash influence in songs like "Permanently Damaged" that gives a bit of groove to the songs. This makes the songs sound remotely interesting, but in the long run they all suffer from the same basic problem: relevancy.

In today's music scene where you have so much choice, average efforts such as these will never cater to the new generation of music fans, and as such, the success Meliah Rage will have with their newest album is neglible. Power metal is like grunge - except it doesn't understand when it's dead.


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Release date 23.07.2007
Locomotive Records
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