Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean

Written by: MBC on 01/10/2015 21:53:58

Formed a mere four years ago, California-based post-hardcore quintet Being As An Ocean have already released three full lengths. The dark and heavy debut “Dear G’d” was one of my favourite albums from 2012. It was followed up with the very good “How We Both Wondrously Perish” last year, which saw the band move in a more melodic and less dark direction, while still maintaining the style from the first album. Guitarist/clean singer Michael McGough, formerly of The Elijah, was added to the band which made for a good contribution to the screaming/spoken word delivery of front man Joel Quartuccio. This is still the case on this new self-titled album which overall is the most approachable and unfortunately also less interesting album yet from Being As An Ocean, albeit still featuring some great moments.

It seems clear that the band is slowly moving away from the style of the first album in a more melodic and even more poppy direction. It is safe to say that McGough’s entrance has had a major impact on the band’s approach to song writing. Even though he has a good voice and complements Quartuccio’s screaming well, the band seems to be relying more and more on his vocals. The constant switching between screaming and clean singing now makes Being As An Ocean feel more like any other post-hardcore/screamo band than what was originally the case. What made “Dear G’d” so amazing was not just the dark and desperate atmosphere and heart wrenching lyrics, but the fact that the songs could be melodic and affecting without big clean vocal parts. Quartuccio is an incredible vocalist and storyteller with so much passion and conviction in his voice, and this of course is still the case on this new album. It is just that a little of that magic is now gone with the new direction that the band has taken.

That being said, Being As An Ocean are still great song writers and “Being As An Ocean” is a fine collection of melodic post-hardcore songs. Luckily, they have not abandoned the darkness completely and Quartuccio’s lyrics are still heartfelt and honest, dealing with themes of faith, pain, resentment and forgiveness. Here is an example from “Ain’t Nobody Perfect”:

”When I was young, you were awful to me; a terrible father, a worse husband. You have to see the blood on your hands. Of all people, I know what it's like to fear your ol’ man. My entire life I've resented you, but now I get what Mom meant when she said: “Ain’t nobody perfect. Ain’t nobody gonna be perfect”. I'm tired of carrying resentments. I'm trying my best to forgive you.”

That is an example of the emotional depth that he goes into with his lyrics, which is definitely still one of the main attributes of the band. Fans of the band, as well as post-hardcore/screamo fans in general, should check out “Being As An Ocean” for its great melodies and lyrics.


Download: Ain’t Nobody Perfect, The Zealot’s Blindfold, Sleeping Sicarii, Forgetting Is Forgiving The I, Sins Of The Father
For the fans of: La Dispute, Touché Amoré, The Elijah, Defeater, Emarosa
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Release date 30.06.2015
InVogue Records

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