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Written by: PP on 03/01/2016 21:43:50

Bands take note here. It pays to play tiny shows as a band in a wide variety of venues. For my part, chances are experimental rockers Team of Experts would never have been on my radar if I hadn't accidentally stumbled on them while visiting Brass Monkey, a tiki bar at the heart of Vesterbro, Copenhagen, for a single drink where they happened to be playing. Intrigued, we requested a copy of their latest EP "Sardonique" for review purposes, and here we are.

Notice the use experimental rock in the opening paragraph. It's not actually descriptive of Team Of Experts' sound rather than a liberally used term to indicate that the band are still, frankly, searching for their style, at least if "Sardonique" EP is to judge by. The band are all over the map stylistically, ranging from the all-instrumental garage rock-ish track "One Chord Concorde" to the somber classic rock-esque track "December Moon", which essentially echoes The Police instrumentally and The Smashing Pumpkins vocally. Speaking of which, the six-minute mammoth "What If We Had A Chance" is pretty much certainly a product of Billy Corgan influence, which is definitely not a bad thing. Then we have "Beyond The Dark", a piano-driven and 80s pop-melody oriented weirdo track that has the hallmarks of experimental rock written all over it.

As you can see, Team Of Experts aren't shy of trying a wide variety of styles to see if one of them hits. Unfortunately, it does not give "Sardonique" much cohesion as a record. It sounds like a collection of individual tracks rather than a uniform record, where sadly, the impressive material is somewhat lacking. The wailed vocals - Billy Corgan-style - are what the band should be pursuing in the future, and a more alternative rock-oriented approach will do them much good. The rest, well, that can be binned, so for now, Team Of Experts have some work to do before they'll appear on the higher end of our rating scale.

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For the fans of: The Smashing Pumpkins, The Police
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Release date 22.06.2015

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