Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Colossal Velocity

Written by: MAK on 24/08/2016 14:10:26

Manchester thrash-punks Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are back to unleash their third album, “Colossal Velocity’, which is laced with politically charged themes attacking the political establishment, and which simultaneously encourages a whole lot of booze drinking. Originally formed in 2004, this hard-living, hard-playing trio has since drunk its way through countless gigs and tours all over the UK and mainland Europe. Having shared stages with the likes of Bad Religion, NoMeansNo, Discharge, Subhumans and many more over the course of its career, the band is no stranger to tearing up a room of rowdy punk rock fans.

“Colossal Velocity” promises to be energetic and fun throughout. Following a trend set by punk in the 80s, each song is extremely short, yet rampant with high intensity. The album is non-stop fast riffs, with equally fast, simplistic beats. To give you an idea of what you’re getting into, there are 17 tracks and you can get through them in just 21minutes.

One difference to the old school vibe is that the overall tone of the album is heavier than standard punk, yet it never quite ventures into hardcore territory either. It’s somewhere in between, wanting you to kick some ass but enjoy yourself at the same time by virtue of the catchy vocal melodies in the choruses. It sounds much like Trash Talk mixed with NOFX at times, and a lot of this album is reminiscent of both bands. “I Wanna Be a Spaceman” is a perfect example of that aggro-fun atmosphere; the riffs and opening bassline couldn’t sound more like Trash Talk if it tried.

As far as standout tracks go, the first would be “Small Minded NIMBY Prick”, purely for its aggressive nature, in which the title words are shouted loudly by several voices on top of heavily distorted riffs — the perfect song to get a crowd to join in. Follow-up track “The Establishment” shows off the Manchester outfit’s political values, with the band going all out to create a song that is assertive both lyrically and musically — a theme that continues through tracks such as “Rose Sélavy (To Make a Toast to Life)” and “Dismantling the Corby(n) Trouser Press”.

If you want to listen to loud British men enjoying themselves as they deliver angry yet simple punk songs and unload their opinions on how shit the establishment is, then “Colossal Velocity” is for you. What you see is what you get as soon as opening track “To be Frank” kicks in. While the album lacks diversity, it remains enjoyable without overstaying its welcome.


Download: Small Minded NIMBY Prick, The Establishment, I Wanna Be a Spaceman
For The Fans Of: Trash Talk, NOFX, The Filaments

Release date 15.07.2016
TNS Records

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