Peace In Our Time

Written by: MAK on 31/03/2017 00:52:53

“Peace in Our Time” is the latest offering from British five-piece, Krysthla, who are known to deliver a brand of metal that is part extreme, part technical and part progressive. Over the last couple of years since the release of their debut album, “A War of Souls and Desires” in July 2015, Krysthla broke into Amazon UK’s pre-release Top 10 album chart, alongside the likes of Iron Maiden and Disturbed. This also earned the quintet a spot on a European tour with Decapitated, to a prestigious slot on the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock Open Air, and main support to Textures at Mammothfest. With “Peace in Our Time”, this is the sound of a band that has quickly found its place in the metal market.

The album teasingly opens with ominous guitar melodies and a slow rhythm of deep bass guitar chugs and cymbals crashing in the background. It doesn’t take long until some shredding riffs kick in and the drum work hits a much higher tempo. The track swiftly progresses from a melodic intro to an intense wave of blast beats and crunchy riffs all fronted by Adi Mayes ferocious shouts. This opener is a bar-setter for the rest of the album as it unleashes a varying combination of multiple groove rhythms, throwing in mechanical tech blasts as if it’s a blend of Textures and Fear Factory.

“Depths” follows a similar suit of a slow, melodic start to the track, and once again about a minute into the track we are met with a hard-hitting attitude like early Mastodon. Heavily distorted riff work and an in your face atmosphere floods your ears. The speedy double pedal that switches from spattering patterns to a full-on onslaught grabs your focus. Though, what makes this track really stand out is the nice calming bridge with some impeccable soft melodies, followed dramatically by imposingly slow, dark toned riffs that just invite waves of head bangs. It’s a minute-long chugging outro that is quite possibly my favourite riff of 2017.

This sets up “Make Disciples of The Nations” perfectly. The slow riffs of “Depths” just make the intensely fast intro to the follow up just hit you in the face. It’s an erratic track that showcases the extreme influences along with the techy groove side. “Age of War” is the next track to truly grab my attention. The combination of heavily down tuned riff work and more high speed double pedal segments reminds me of “Iowa” era Slipknot and its dark intensity.

“Eternal Oceans” closes the album with an eight-minute epic heavy slow burner with an erratic monster of an ending. Featuring masterpiece whiny guitar solos layered on top of more chuggy riffage. I feel that Krysthla know their strong points and they have their niche that stands out against other emerging bands in British metal. Neither prog, tech or extreme metal are my “go to” subgenres in heavy music, but this combination of the three is truly captivating and far more appealing to a wider audience. “Peace in Our Time” showcases that Krysthla’s talent is very good now, but there is potential to be something great.


Download: Depths, Age of War, Eternal Oceans
For The Fans Of: Heart of a Coward, Textures, Cambion

Release date 07.04.2017

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