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Metal Bear Stomp

Written by: MAK on 03/11/2017 21:58:24

Russian crossover act Siberian Meat Grinder’s new album, “Metal Bear Stomp”, has been a long time coming, ever since releasing the single “Face the Clan” last year. The follow-up to the quintet’s two mini-albums "Hail to the Tsar" and "Vs the World" sees Siberian Meat Grinder guided by a bear-tsar, defending the world against enemies of metal, and in the context of that, the Moscow-based crew is back to unleash more carnage on the metal and hardcore scenes. “It's our step towards creating an ultimate street-music, mixing everything we love — thrash-metal, hip-hop, hardcore punk, graffiti…”, says vocalist Vladimir about the record.

The tone of this album is set right from the start with the opening track, “Ruder Than Thou”; we are treated to shredding riffs, high-tempo beats, vocals that are rougher than sandpaper, and a delivery that is crammed full of intense energy. It’s the sort of track to trigger mass circle pits and huge sing-alongs. It’s a pure blend of hardcore and thrash metal for the most part, though the hip-hop element does seep through as well, with rapping vocals introduced midway through. Their high-speed thrash metal and NYHC-style breakdowns, mixed with epic sing-alongs, machine gun rap-flows and gloomy black metal bridges give the band a truly individual and identifiable sound. This is the core sound of Siberian Meat Grinder, one that has become distinctive from their previous releases, and a vibe that proceeds to dominate the whole album.

I’ve slated albums for the lack of diversity before and sadly it’s what lowers my rating of the release here as well. A lot of it feels very much the same the whole way through and a lot of it sounds like a blur. While Siberian Meat Grinder have their own distinctive sound, most of the individual songs don’t and it’s not that easy distinguish one from the other. Some moments prick your ear, such as the catchy sing-along chorus in title track, “Metal Bear Stomp”, the whoa chanting and rappy bridge in “No Sleep Till Hell”, and the machine gun-like gang vocals heard in “Style”. The standout track, however, is the re-recording of the aforementioned single, “Face The Clan”; the crunchy riffs stick in your head along with the shout-outs in the chorus, and it’s just a fierce blast of thrash metal-fronted hardcore. It’s so infectious.

“Metal Bear Stomp” is thus a fun release with tracks that are more designed for the live experience than to sit and listen to at home. Each track has the intention to get your blood pumping, to get you rocking and losing your voice to the numerous shout-outs. The quality of the songwriting and the production has improved since the previous releases, as expected, and the album is heavier and more aggressive than past material, while it still remains incredibly hooking.

Download: Face the Clan, Style, Ruder Than Thou
For the fans of: Municipal Waste, Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer

Release date 13.10.2017
Destiny Records

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