Uphill Struggle

Fool's Paradise EP

Written by: PP on 04/12/2017 22:41:26

Uphill Struggle is a brand new Copenhagen-based skate punk band that features members from Losing Must and Racing Decays among other smaller bands from the K-town scene. If you've heard any of the numerous EPs released by the former over the years, then you'll know exactly what you're getting into on Uphill Struggle's seven-track debut EP "Fool's Paradise": the spirit of Swedish skate punk lives strong in these guys. The band is even named after an Adhesive song just like Losing Must was named after Millencolin.

Basically, the band deals in pure worship of our neighboring skate punk legends delivered through a rough, DIY production that leaves the drums flat, the vocals overpowered and generally an unbalanced soundscape overall. It's a high-energy expression with plenty of riffs faithful to the genre that mean well, but unfortunately, the expression doesn't quite come through in a positive light. The references are exposed bare: hints of Millencolin, No Fun At All, NUFAN, and other melodicore bands in their vein are an obvious inspiration to the soundscape, so much so that it's an easy comparison and an even easier choice for picking up "Life On A Plate" or "Out Of Bounds" over these songs any day. Like I said, Uphill Struggle mean well - these songs are skate punk played with their hearts on their sleeves - but the execution is lacking.

That said, a song like "In The Camp" and especially "The Ladder" showcase not all hope is lost. The band knows their genre inside out, and so the palm-muted riffs and melodicore ideals that form the foundation of their expression mean that the end result isn't all that bad. The latter is pretty catchy especially guitar-wise, and the thick bass-lines add a nice touch. If only it was a little tighter and with a better production, then we'd be talking. For now, "Fool's Paradise" sounds exactly as it is: a DIY punk release that reads either as a hobby record or amateurish, depending on which way you look at it.


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For the fans of: Losing Must, Millencolin, No Fun At All, Adjusted
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Release date 10.09.2017
Melodic Punk Records

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