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Cities In Search Of A Heart

Written by: PP on 07/12/2017 23:50:03

If you've been browsing around pop punk circles a good amount of time, chances are you've stumbled around The Movielife. Founded by Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche), Brandon Reilly (Nightmare of You) and others long before their modern bands back in 1997, their early releases "It's Go Time" (1999) and "This Time Next Year" (2000) enjoy a cult status among old school pop punk fans who considered their early style to be melodic hardcore alongside releases like Lifetime's "Jersey's Best Dancers". Classic records that have, in all frankness, faded away over the past decade or more despite sporadic reunion concerts since 2008, simply because three albums is just not enough to sustain interest over generations. In the meantime, Caruana has released three successful Midwestern punk albums with I Am The Avalanche, which means any new (or, in this case, old) venture he involves himself with is worth paying attention to.

Let's get the band back together, Caruana and Reilly thought, and here we are with the first new The Movielife album in fourteen years. That alone is a noteworthy achievement. But if you're an old fan expecting the band to continue along the lines of their tight, fast-paced punk rock of their early years, you will be sorely disappointed. Instead, the band sound like a slightly different version of I Am The Avalanche anno 2017 on "Cities In Search Of A Heart". Caruana's vocals show age as they have on I Am The Avalanche records, meaning he now sings in a scratchy, flannel-approved manner compared to the melodic hardcore-fueled pop punk energy explosion of their old material. Whether you enjoy it or not will depend on your opinion of I Am The Avalanche: if you like those guys, songs like "Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel" and "Lake Superior" are smooth sailing all the way through.

Alongside "Ski Mask" and "Sister Saint Monica", The Movielife deliver pop punk in the old school understanding of the genre: catchy, but with enough raw edge and unpolished corners to keep them fully separated from the pop corners of pop punk that earn radio time worldwide. It's a more depth-laden pop punk expression that you're used to, with a number of songs that justify the hype The Movielife have earned over the years, but is it enough to draw a new generation of cultists after 14 years of abandonment? It's a good album but don't expect it to catapult these guys to New Found Glory venue sizes.

Download: Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel, Ski Mask, Lake Superior, Sister Saint Monica, You're The Cure
For the fans of: I Am The Avalanche, The Flatliners
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Release date 21.09.2017
Rise Records

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