Legend of the Seagullmen

Legend of the Seagullmen

Written by: MIN on 20/02/2018 14:10:29

I’d be surprised if a large amount of Mastodon and Tool fans in various basements across America hadn’t already tinkered with the idea of combining said two bands into one “supergroup”. A few of those fans have probably also, in some strange fantasy bandcamp, had a wet dream about Brent Hinds (guitar, Mastodon) and Danny Carey (drums, Tool) teaming up to write a concept album that’s set in a nautical spaghetti western world somewhere beyond the Seven Seas and our modest comprehension. You few gentlemen, brace yourselves, because such an outfit has finally arrived! Joined by Peter Griffin on bass, Jimmy Hayward on guitar and David “the Doctor” Dreyer on vocals, Legend of the Seagullmen has dropped anchored by harbor close to you.

Let’s get one thing straight: this album is in no way as technical as any fan of either Mastodon or Tool would’ve hoped for. Except for the occasional tumultuous guitar-riffage (courtesy of Hinds), the musicianship throughout “Legend of the Seagullmen” is good but never awe-inspiring. What it is, however, is entertaining. While presenting a broad array of fictional creatures and characters, the album feels like a collection of short films set to the same score inside the same universe, audibly aided by the sound of both oxygen tanks, splashing waves and crying ‘gulls. Whether it’s about mutated killer whales, giant octopuses or mystified magicians schooled in the ways of damp and mist, the Seagullmen are on the spot like a(n even more) twisted league of extraordinary gentlemen (come on, just check out that press photo).

Part of the reason as to why the album feels more like outtakes than one full-fledged whole, is because the band’s lyrics simply aren’t good enough to capture the entire picture. Surely, we get the gist of what it’s all about in each individual scenario, but the lines are too repetitive and anonymous; all too often the songs are lacking actual hooks that’ll make you come back. After multiple listens, the only memorable standout is the penultimate cut, the murder ballade “Rise of the Giant”, in which the Doctor depicts a gigantic octopus crawling unto Hollywood beach to feast, vocally giving off the vibe of Nick Cave with a hint of, well, Brent Hinds, actually. Surrounded by 70s prog-rock keys and slow guitar trots, the descriptions are fleshed-out and engaging, giving both a touch of fear and sympathy to this enormously hungry beast. The only drawback here is that the track, structurally, reminds a little too much of the album’s previous song “Curse of the Red Tide”.

Throughout the record’s 37-minute duration, Legend of the Seagullmen manage to mix prog-rock influences (“The Fogger”) with stoner rock (“Shipwreck”) and a general taste for classic hard rock (title-track), but too few of the songs manage to leave a lasting impression. The band’s self-titled debut album will surely entertain those longing for more Mastodon – despite the band having released both an EP and an LP last year – but those longing for additional Tool will simply have to wait. However, if you’re looking for a fun soundtrack to your next “guys’ night out” with a few beers, Legend of the Seagullmen surely makes for an ideal contestant, just don’t expect this outfit to provide much more than that.


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Release date 09.02.2018
Caroline Records, Dine Alone Records

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