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Persona Non Grata

Written by: PP on 24/04/2019 19:58:53

Of the few punk rock bands that truly feel like they're happening right now on every front, Authority Zero is one of the most exciting ones about. Their live shows are explosions of pure energy, featuring a palpable connection between the band and their audience of raw passion, fueled by a string of solid punk rock albums that seems in no danger of ceasing. Perhaps that's why they're touring pretty much non-stop and making festival appearances at nearly every punk rock festival worth mentioning by name. Their seventh album "Persona Non Grata" continues along the same line stylistically as the past three albums, but improves on their trusted formula by adding plenty of playful variation for good measure.

While a couple of their previous albums have been heavy on the Rise Against worship (although you can make the argument Authority Zero has been the better band for quite a while now), "Persona Non Grata" throws in plenty of upstroke guitars as we know it from ska punk, anthemic pop melodies, and raw punk rockers in equal measure, all delivered in signature style Authority Zero high-energy fashion. There's even an all-out reggae track that almost sounds like it could've been written by 311 ("Shake The Ground").

What this means in practice is that they are finally starting to widen the stylistic gap between them and Rise Against, which should fuel the fire and keep growing their fan base in a significant fashion. Tracks like the title track or "Atom Bomb" underline their songwriting prowess, where particularly the bass lines recall their older Fat Wreck compilation classic "Revolution", while the song, in general, delivers a breakneck speed, upbeat expression complete with casual whistling, upstroke guitars and a bouncy rhythm.

"Ah Hell" demonstrates their more anthemic, arena-ready side with its big hooks (think Anti-Flag), while "Mush Mouth" floors the pedal in a roughened explosion of hardcore that takes us back to the older, heavier Authority Zero days. "The Bright Side" is likewise a lightning speed track, though here utilizing some of that pop fervour in the infectiously catchy chorus.

And it doesn't stop there. "On The Outside", "Derailed", and virtually every other song delivers the goods exactly as you want them: politically charged, melodic punk rock with big hooks, catchy riffs, huge choruses and with a clean production that never feels overpolished. Twelve songs later, Authority Zero have delivered a great album that's gonna be a blast live, especially in festival environments.


Download: Persona Non Grata, Atom Bomb, Mush Mouth, Ah Hell, On The Outside
For the fans of: Rise Against, Bad Religion, Nations Afire, Strung Out, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag
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Release date 07.12.2018
Concrete Jungle Records

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