Dizzy Bats

Dizzy Bats

Written by: PP on 26/03/2021 21:37:15

Hailing from New York, Dizzy Bats is an upbeat indie rock band with alternative rock and pop punk vibes mixed into a splendid cocktail of playful, spirited sing-along licks. Their self-titled album is their third one, and by the sounds of it, one where they've matured their sound into something worthy of discussion also outside of their home scene. Taking cues from Green Day circa "American Idiot"-era and throwing in references to Alkaline Trio, Relient K, and even Panic! At The Disco, you get the rough idea of what these guys are going after here.

What strikes out immediately from "Dizzy Bats" is the sheer confidence the songs are played with. There's a sense of urgency to the tracks that rises from the relatively high tempo approach, but more importantly, from the songwriting that carries a fun, easygoing vibe to it. There are moments like "Choir" where they go for the up-then-down style pop punk hooks, brazen punk rock tracks like "Freezing" with a more aggressive twist, but also tracks like "That Night" that go for the more theatrical, Green Day/Panic! At The Disco style larger-than-life pop-rock, as well as Sundressed-style playful indie cuts.

These are all examples where it's clear the band is onto something. They are catchy in the way where you'll raise an eyebrow right away detecting something worth your while, start nodding along, and even contemplate a sing-along or two. Yet it's simultaneously clear the band's repertoire isn't strong enough yet to produce ten tracks of brilliance rather than only glimpses of it. The base level is solid nonetheless, so while "Dizzy Bats" might not be among the year's best, it's still good enough to warrant a recommendation, particularly for mid-2000s-era Green Day fans looking for something a little more down-to-earth and straightforward.


Download: Cut Me Loose, Freezing, Choir, Southern Town
For the fans of: Green Day, Sundressed, Relient K, Panic! At The Disco, Kill The Rooster, The All-American Rejects
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Release date 19.02.2021

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