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Save The World

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If you've ever felt like going back and discovering the origins ono frills pop-punk, you'll likely have stumbled on records like "Grow Up" and "Love Songs For The Retarded" by The Queers released during the 90s. Despite featuring a revolving door of band members throughout their career, one constant that has remained throughout their career has been vocalist Joe Queer, whose laid-back, straightforward style has been quoted by countless modern no-frills pop punk bands as an inspiration. No wonder, since they virtually invented the genre, that effectively could be referred to as Ramones-core for its simplistic, four-by-four happy-go-lucky style of pop punk that's best exemplified on "Honk Fucking Kong" on this record.

Discounting the revisited albums in 2015 and 2018, "Save The World" is the first new material by The Queers since 2010's "Back To The Basement". At this stage of their career, if you're expecting any surprises, well, you shouldn't. It's basically an old-school-sounding version of Screeching Weasel mixed with Chixdiggit! and Masked Intruder with no frills attached, delivering their Ramones-style pop punk faithfully and in an easygoing, catchy fashion. Straight up pop punk, upbeat catchy melodies like on "Bubblegum Girl" are contrasted with Masked Intruder style cheese on "My Heart's In The Right Place" or "Let The Rain Wash Away My Tears", so if you've ever wondered where those guys drew their inspiration from, well, here it is.

So that leaves the question, how good are The Queers three decades later? Well, "Save The World" sure sounds like something off the mid-90s with its sloppy production and laid-back approach. It stays true to their original sound, yet over the years many other bands have far surpassed them in channeling the no-frills genre (see: Direct Hit! or The Dopamines for starters). Yes, it's simple three-chord stuff, it's catchy, but it's not enough to warrant interest in 2021 on its own. The problem? Sounds dated.

Download: Bubblegum Girl, Shirley Needs A Dildo, Cheeto In A Speedo Eating A Burrito, Honk Fucking Kong
For the fans of: Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Chixdiggit!, Masked Intruder
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Release date 30.11.2020
Allstar Records

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