Big Vibe

Written by: PP on 15/05/2021 04:23:43

This is how Seaway describes their fourth album "Big Vibe": "For this record we threw away usual conventions of the scene and genre and just made the record we always wanted to make.". Words like that should put fear on any fan's face, and this time is no different. The Canadian pop punk band's latest effort reaches deep into the realm of mainstream pop punk, echoing the likes of All Time Low, You Me At Six, and Simple Plan's later output on this album.

For a band that was garnering lots of comparisons to New Found Glory and Man Overboard, it begs a question to be asked: why? For what was exciting, emotionally charged pop punk on for example "Colour Blind" is now exchanged with dime-a-dozen, boring pop-rock. Is this why Patrick Carleton left? Because if it is, it makes perfect sense. From a band on the uptick transitioning into nothing saying pop-rock songs like "Wild Things", I get you don't want to be a part of that.

Let us not be too harsh, the production is pretty good (although excessively mainstream and polished). And it's not that the songs are bad: they're just very average within the pop punk scene. The problem is, All Time Low did the pop-style pop punk much better. As did so many other bands, leaving "Big Vibe" in direct contrast in a crowded scene with songs that, for the most part, are average, forgettable, textbook style, if not fully derivative.


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Release date 16.10.2020
Pure Noise Records

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