Dollar Signs

Hearts Of Gold

Written by: PP on 29/05/2021 00:17:52

Dollar Signs have reached their third album with "Hearts Of Gold", a disorderly piece of punk rock that's just about as messy, cacophonic, and chaotic as recent records by Jeff Rosenstock. Carrying themselves about with a similar vigour of a tumble-dryer full of instruments falling down the saloon stairs as PUP and Joyce Manor before them, the group deliver a buzzing, eclectic punk rock party on the record that's as catchy as it is outrageous.

Alongside the usual guitar, bass, drums, and booze-laden vocals, they throw in glockenspiel, synth, and horn instruments liberally to create a soundscape that feels as if it is bursting from its seams throughout, kept together only through the urgency brought about by their high-energy onslaught. Indeed, the tempo is sky-high on pieces like "Negative Blood" or "B.O.M.B.S", where the band crash down the hill in a ridiculously upbeat mood, only to be met by slower balladic material like "Sticks & Stones" or "Fistfight!" for some emotional introspection. Here, the band's melancholic, yet curiously clever lyrical universe comes to its own, although it's clear that the band are at their best when they are at their most chaotic, such as on "Nihilist Gundam" that comes at you with a busy soundscape that feels like you're being dragged behind a motorcycle tied to a rope. Together with a cut like "Falling Off", this is exactly the kind of material that spins a tiny basement venue into a frenzy or coerces the FEST audiences into sweaty mosh pits all around.

Yes, "Hearts Of Gold" sounds like Jeff Rosenstock-lite, but is that such a bad thing? We need more messy, no-fucks-given style punk rock that you can always shove in someone's face who says punk is dead. The spirit of the genre lives on loud and strong on a record like this one.


Download: B.O.M.B.S, Negative Blood, Nihilist Gundam, Falling Off
For the fans of: Jeff Rosenstock, Bomb! The Music Industry, Joyce Manor, PUP
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Release date 12.03.2021
Pure Noise Records

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