Death Routines EP

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Demersal cites their style as blackened screamo / emoviolence in press materials, but in reality, they source from original screamo and powerviolence, which lands their latest EP "Death Routines" somewhere right in between bands like Beau Navire, Gillian Carter, Kaospilot, Sed Non Satiata, and of course, Geoff Rickly's United Nations. With a roster consisting of members from Hexis and Telos, two bands from within the elite layers of the Danish underground scene, the resulting package is very convincing as you might imagine.

From the opening moments of "The Roots Have Grown Too Strong Here", what the band refers to as negative routines translates into raw, piercing melancholy that's defined by a sense of chaos. It's a brutalized form of urgency that manifests in passages of pure anguish and desperation, a saddened (or blackened, if you will) soundscape that feels like one of those dark, never-ending late October storms in musical form. It's an explosive, razor-sharp expression filled with stop/start sequences and devastating scales of harsh discordance, completed by vocalist Victor Ravn's acutely throaty screaming style.

Some bands in the same genre occasionally forget that it's not all about relentless intensity and chaos, but Demersal's influence from emo and other realms leaves behind a melancholic lining that forms a red thread throughout the EP. The guitars, tight as they are, resonate in a slightly melodic manner, adding contrast nicely to the otherwise ferocious delivery, together forming a great platform for their chaotic screamo to tear your ears apart while also holding just enough structure to make it interesting. With five tracks racing by in barely over eleven minutes, the record is short, but to the point, underscoring the experience and songwriting skill this band possesses. Their sophomore album should have cult potential in this genre, at least in Denmark.

Download: The Roots Have Grown Too Strong Here, Suffer For Each Other
For the fans of: Beau Navire, Gillian Carter, Kaospilot, United Nations, Sed Non Satiata, State Faults
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Release date 17.09.2021
5FeetUnder Records

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