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Grim Value EP

Written by: PP on 25/10/2021 20:36:13

"Grim Value" EP is the first new material by Eve 6 since their 2012 album "Speak In Code", and probably their best songwriting since their seminal 1998 self-titled debut album. It sees the band return to groovy, driving alternative rock with punk rock undertones, and more importantly, it sounds playful and spirited like their early work, instead of the forced, cliché material that dominates the other three albums since then.

So how did they do it? Simple. They upped the tempo, distorted the guitars a little more, and went for simple lyrical plays like those on the punk-laden "I Wanna Bite Your Face". Here, the band combines Ramones style pop punk with their usual alternative rock style, and the result is a simplistic yet instantly catchy piece that'll stick on first listen. Likewise, "Angel Of The Supermarket" is a bright, upbeat piece that feels like it could've been on an album by The Presidents Of The United States Of America, or more recently, on the Angel Du$t record "Pretty Buff" two years ago.

These are tongue-in-cheek songs that are unafraid of displaying a frivolous side, so when you add in some distorted vocals and groovy guitars, it's no wonder they feel irresistible even if they aren't exactly masterpieces of songwriting as such. They merely sound like a band having fun playing these songs, and sometimes that's all that matters. What's more, their signature-style driving alternative rock comes out in full force on this EP underneath the silliness. Given that they've left the production purposefully unpolished, it also has enough edge to convince older Eve 6 fans "Grim Value" is a solid record. If anything, it makes you excited for a future full-length full of songs like these.

Download: I Wanna Bite Your Face, Angel Of The Supermarket, Can We Combine
For the fans of: Vertical Horizon, Third Eye Blind, Our Lady Peace, Angel Du$t, Presidents Of The United States Of America
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Release date 25.06.2021
Velocity Records

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