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Expel The Leeches

Written by: PP on 13/11/2021 14:34:43

Anti Ritual's abrasive, breakneck speed metallic hardcore has been a feature in the Copenhagen underground scene for quite some time now, but they've only mustered a single EP back in 2014 despite being a regular sight in the Copenhagen live circuit over the years and becoming a cult figure of sorts for those in the know. They've been quiet for a while though, and here's why: their debut album "Expel The Leeches" improves from their shoddy EP in almost every imaginable fashion.

Anti Ritual has always been a bitterly political band, and that theme has escalated on "Expel The Leeches". Ruthless anti-capitalism, rejection of right-wing ideas as fascism, and other sociopolitical themes dominate the album, whilst instrumentally the band deal in a soul-crushing, uncompromising form of hardcore that draws from black metal and grindcore in equal measure. As a result, songs like "Futile Semantics" and "Monetary Man" both sound like black metal pieces played by a crusty d-beat hardcore band given their combination of tremolo shredding and lightning speed tempo.

They are also great examples of Anti Ritual at their best, where bleak Nordic darkness creates a back-chilling effect on the guitar melodies, contrasted by the muscular, cheese-grater style growl of vocalist Marco Malcorps. His aggressively-lined, suffocating delivery is as tormenting as it is caustic and corrosive, leaving behind a feeling of utter desperation and hopelessness despite the furious contents of their lyricism.

Stylistically, "Expel The Leeches" follows its predecessor, but this time with much better riffs, and a fantastic production thanks to Brad Boadright (Nails, Sleep, et. al). The crisp clarity gives their soundscape a malign, comprehensively ferocious vibe that's difficult to deny. Not for the faint-hearted.


Download: Futile Semantics, Monetary Man, The Oppressive Weight
For the fans of: Discharge, The Secret, Hexis, Rot Away, From Ashes Rise
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Release date 29.10.2021

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