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Written by: PP on 14/11/2021 14:17:45

If Jim Lindberg of Pennywise wrote a pop punk album together with Living With Lions, the result would probably be something along the lines of Talk Show Host's debut album "Mid-Century Modern", arguably the freshest record in the genre you'll hear this year. It's a record jammed with variety and different looks on pop punk, ranging from the upbeat anthems to quirky, yet infectiously catchy cuts complete with woo-hoo segments at just the right timings. If anything, it reminds me of the creativity showcased by Trophy Eyes on "The American Dream" a couple of years back, given the sheer amount of innovation on display here. What other band goes from skate punk to Presidents Of The United States Of America-style bubblegum pop and into Anti-Flag-inspired gang-shout alongs in the space of a single album?

The way Talk Show Host utilizes woo-hoos on "Crisis Actors" is unique, to say the least, resulting in a track that's both depth-laden and infectiously catchy at the same time. And what about the rapid tempo shifts in the vocal delivery on "Warmest Condolescences"? Chris Veinot's heartwarmingly charming expression is so playful and unorthodox it becomes addictive in short order. And with "Syntax Error OK" delivering another huge sing-along whilst otherwise dwelling in Weezer-style nerdy alternative rock, and "Up To No Good" sounds like a lighter version of PUP, you start to get a picture of just how innovative Talk Show Host is throughout their debut.

"Two recovering punks and an indie rocker walk into a bar" is their own tagline describing their sound. It's not far from the truth, as "Mid-Century Modern" is a delightful sum of a wide variety of influences and inspirations, resulting in a fantastic record that's rammed with bangers from start to finish. Where "Too Many Problems" takes you to the aforementioned PUSA territory with its upbeat, light melodies and an irresistible chorus, "The Ballad Of Jack Nance" goes to a darker realm and almost sounds like Alkaline Trio for a good bit there.

Throughout the album, Chris Veinot & company demonstrate one of the cleverest, different-sounding takes on pop punk we've heard in years, which is why "Mid-Century Modern" is one of the criminally overlooked records from 2021 thus far. What a brilliant record that deserves a much wider audience.

Download: Crisis Actors, Too Many Problems, Blood In The Sand, Syntax Error OK, Up To No Good
For the fans of: Living With Lions, Anti-Flag, Weezer, PUP
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Release date 04.06.2021
Wiretap Records / Disconnect Disconnect Records

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