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Written by: PP on 14/11/2021 21:49:06

Rift Giant is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based sludge/stoner due who have reached their sophomore album with "Cataclysm". If their debut was anything like this record, it's a surprise the band is even attempting again, given how amateurish they sound throughout the 47-minute duration of the eight tracks on offer here.

Stylistically, Rift Giant draws almost every ounce of their expression from High On Fire with clear influence from early Mastodon material as well. They even point that out in their press release, however, there's a fine line between a worthy tribute and flat-out imitation. Unfortunately, we're in the latter realm here. Their groovy guitar riffs are technically proficient, but too much attention is taken away by the frank god-awful vocals.

Their singer's gargled delivery is not only ugly (which isn't necessarily a problem, as High On Fire has demonstrated), but it's also a constant irritant in the background, despite lengthy, progressive instrumentation pushing it aside at times. So much so they feel downright repulsive: I feel like I'm continuously seeking any excuse to skip over the tracks and go listen to something else. A harsh comment, sure, but also a realistic one, because it means "Cataclysm" sounds like something two dudes wrote and recorded in a garage somewhere (or a bunker, as is the case specifically here). It's safe to say Rift Giant has a massive uphill battle before fans of the aforementioned sludge greats will find anything worth going for here.


For the fans of: High On Fire, Mastodon, Bison B.C., Black Tusk
Listen: Facebook

Release date 01.05.2021
Planet K Records

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