Glacier Veins

Lunar Reflection

Written by: PP on 11/04/2022 20:54:55

Glacier Veins is a quartet from Portland, Oregon, spearheaded by the spectacular vocals of Malia Endres. "Lunar Reflection" is their sophomore album that combines elements from dreamy post-hardcore bands like Title Fight and Basement with more straightforward indie- and alternative rock. The result is a soothing album with twinkly guitars that lulls and loftily floats around its listener, creating a conspicuously mysterious atmosphere that encompasses the soundscape in a curtain of fog, only to explode out of it with punchy, all-out pop punk bangers like "Cover Me".

"Lunar Reflection" is at its very best when Malia Endres is let properly loose. Yes, the relaxing ambiance and laid-back approach on "Embers" is nice, but it is where she reaches her loudest crescendoes near the top of her range where the record starts delivering. That said, the slow and methodological atmosphere with 90s flavors as presented on "Here And There" does deliver a hair-raising experience to an extent where it could have been on a Balance And Composure record, so both approaches offer something valuable to the listener.

The majority of the record is characterized by hazy, Title Fight-esque brooding post-hardcore passages and dreamy soundscapes, leaving behind a uniform but perhaps a little bit too samey sound overall. A song like "Know You" introduces an element of pop and allows Endres to shine vocally, which is where the band should be looking to put more focus on the next records. The instrumentals are solid - rather technical even - but too few songs stand out from the record in the end. Still, "Lunar Reflection" feels like a decent, reflexive effort that should appeal to fans of 90s rock mixed with post-hardcore. Think bands like Basement, Light Years, Simmer et. al.


Download: Flower Moon, Autonomy, Here And There, Cover Me
For the fans of: Title Fight, Basement, Light Years, Simmer, Balance And Composure
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Release date 11.03.2022
Equal Vision Records

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