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Written by: PP on 02/05/2022 20:13:19

On their fourth album "Hygiene", abrasive post-hardcore/punk hybrid Drug Church appear to finally have connected the dots between cacophony and melody to an extent where they are poised for a breakout from the niché to the scene at large. In the past, Patrick Kindlon's aggressively scratchy vocals have been a turn-off to many, resulting in an incredibly challenging albeit rewarding listening experience. Here, they have been sufficiently polished to add a far more anthemic edge to their expression than ever before.

A great example is a song like "Super Saturated". It sounds almost like Iron Chic if they shifted to playing hardcore, given how uplifting and expansive the chorus melodies are. The same applies to the more experimental "Million Miles Of Fun", as well as to the somewhat balladic "Detective Lieutenant" afterward.

The best part of it is that the soundscape is every bit as cacophonous as in the past, featuring a rough, in-your-face style approach where Kindlon leans on his scratchy, halfway gravelly delivery far more than many of his peers. It brings forth eerie parallels to a band like Planes Mistaken For Stars in its dirtily distorted, screeching guitar landscape in the background, which demonstrates that the band hasn't removed any edges even as they've brought on a more melodic foundation to their songs.

Given its anthemic take, "Hygiene" doesn't come across as uncompromising as their earlier output. On other albums that might be perceived as a negative comment, but here it has the opposite effect. The melodies give their soundscape more room to breathe, and as a result, the songs are catchier and more upbeat by their nature - and they are so without sacrificing their signature style of noisy cacophony in the process.

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For the fans of: Good Clean Fun, Iron Chic, Self Defense Family, Gouge Away, Samiam, Lurk, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Sundown
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Release date 11.03.2022
Pure Noise Records

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