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Throwe is the latest entrant in the blossoming Danish hardcore scene, where the past year has seen some excellent releases from the likes of Anti Ritual, Nyt Liv, EYES, and much more. Hailing from Copenhagen, their debut album "Forfald" follows in step by offering a particularly menacing, metallic take on hardcore, resulting in a level of blackened that arguably places the band closer towards black metal than hardcore.

Equipped with a vicious, razor-sharp scream, vocalist Kim Rock is the dominant driving force behind Throwe's expression. It's a nasty, aggressive howl that isn't for the faint-hearted, incorporating classic Scandinavian winter bleakness to it, which has grown to become a staple of Danish bands ever since The Psyke Project popularized the style. He is occasionally contrasted by guitarist Guillermo Papetta and bassist Marjin Vossen, but each of them owns such raucous pipes that they effectively blend into one ultra-raw expression if you're not paying attention.

Instrumentally, the band's cheesegrater-style shredding and screeching distortion are largely in the black metal world, particularly on songs like "Forfald" and "Hammer & Nails". The former's piercing melodies are like straight from a black metal band, where only the throaty screams suggest we're dealing with a hardcore band of sorts. There's a dark ambiance on "Myriader" that likewise suggests we're deep in the depths of Copenhell rather than at Groezrock, for example.

"Forfald" is an aggressive, in-your-face record with plenty of urgency attached. It's a fierce, metallic soundscape that captures their Nordic origins well, but ultimately it sounds regrettably monotonous and lacking in flair and highlights to stand out properly. The Jacob Bredahl production is crisp as usual, but the brutality of their expression means they're unable to draw similar levels of catchy out of their blackened sound as peers in Nyt Liv or Anti Ritual did this year. As a result, "Forfald", while being instrumentally proficient and decent overall, feels forgettable.


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Release date 29.04.2022
Deathbird Records

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