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So Far, So Good

Written by: PP on 13/05/2022 16:04:03

Give it a decade and masterpieces have had enough time to inspire the next generation of musicians to start their own bands. Title Fight's "Floral Green" was a genre-defining masterpiece, closely followed by UK's equivalent Basement on "Colourmeinkindness". Listening to the debut album "So Far, So Good" by Milton Keynes, UK-based Out Of Love, you can't help but hear eerie similarities to both records on multiple songs, indicating a clear source of influence. But rather than a derivative carbon copy, Out Of Love's soundscape bears its resemblence more as a humble inspiration, where the band have taken that sound towards a distinctly more punk rock direction, while also integrating an abundance of emotional charge to their expression.

The result is an album that feels like a masterstroke of its own. It's equal parts dreamy and reverb-laden guitars to coarsely brawled vocals and anthemic vocals. The punk rock undertones adds an element of raw passion to the record, where it feels like the band are bursting out of their seams delivering emotional songs like "Bedbound". There's a perfect balance between aggressive stampede and balladic allure, resulting in a sound that's very difficult to pigeonhole into just one genre.

Much like Anxious' brilliant "Little Green House" earlier this year, Out Of Love capture intricate melodies and multifaceted soundscapes into a brilliantly catchy, impossible-to-deny post-hardcore charge that explodes into incredible choruses like those on "Sniffin Glue" or "All Grown Up". It's song after song of raw urgency, packaged around the dreamy, yet powerful howls of their vocalist, who balances on a tightrope between clean vocals and gravelly punk rock roars.

A great example is a song like "Pity". Multiple tempo changes alter the song's atmosphere significantly, taking you from punk rock to post-hardcore to almost indie rock in the space of just one song. At the same time, the screamey vocals ensure urgency remains at a maximum, thus holding the uniform expression of the album nicely in line. The serious Title Fight vibes on "I Am Not Me" and "My Perfect World" are not lost on me, but likewise the infectiously catchy "Play Pretend" and "Dog Daze" stand as highlights on an album that feels like it has nothing but.

After thirteen tracks of pure bangers without any weak links, the verdict is unanimous: "So Far, So Good" is a fantastic album by a band that surely is the most exciting new band to have appeared from the UK in recent memory. Don't miss out on this one, you'll want to see these songs played live on this album's tour, guaranteed.


Download: Pity, My Perfect World, I Am Not Me, Play Pretend, All Grown Up, Bedbound, Dog Daze, Sniffin' Glue
For the fans of: Title Fight; Anxious; Half Hearted Hero; Apologies I Have None
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Release date 08.04.2022
Venn Records

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