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Losing What We Love

Written by: KRS on 29/12/2023 20:36:02

After thirteen years as a band, it’s always intriguing to see how bands mature or whether they stay the same. Knuckle Puck has shown much progress from the band's beginning, and now it’s been three years since Knuckle Puck's third full-length album, “20/20” came out. They are ready with a new album, “Losing What We Love”.

“A New Beginning” kicks off the “Losing What We Love” and hits hard with infectious verses that build up well to the chorus each time and are packed with some hard riffs. “You & I” is one of the more upbeat songs on the album and has catchy hooks and painful lyrics like ” Will life be so bad if you and I cut ties?”. Sounds of distortion and a few screams make “Act Accordingly” stand out from the album's first half.

There’s no mistaking Knuckle Puck; they don’t need to reinvent themselves like many pop-punk bands through the years. “Losing What We Love” has songs that contain elements of alternative, midwestern emo, and pop-punk. But it doesn’t feel forced. There’s a dreamy “Better Late,” with its mid-paced melodies, structure, and the build of lyrics with emotion, and the whole outro of the song gives one goosebumps.

“Fool” closes the album, a song that, like those before it, doesn’t lack well-written lyrics, though this might contain a few cringe lines. It’s a nice and gentle song.

Knuckle Puck may have been The Story So Far clones once upon a time, but one would suggest they lose that nickname with “Losing What We Love”. While the singles did indeed help with the album hype, one would say that songs like “Groundhog Day,” “Out Of Touch,” and “Act Accordingly” stand out. Knuckle Puck is slowly but nicely coming into their own, and “Losing What We Love” is just the beginning of something new for the band.


Download: Better Late, You & I, Groundhog Day
For the fans of: Real Friends, Neck Deep, The Story So Far
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Release date 20.10.2023
Pure Noise Records

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