Best Music Of 2014: Staff Picks

author PP date 30/12/14

It's that time of the year again. 2015 is just around the corner, which means our yearly ritual of retrospection lies ahead of us. Which albums were the best representatives of 2014? Which records permanently marked themselves into the minds of our editors for years to come? Separating the best from the rest, our expert staff of music enthusiasts each year tirelessly scour the release schedules of labels and DIY bands alike so that you don't have to. With more than a thousand albums reviewed each year and countless more listened to but not written about, offers you a filtered window into what's happening in the music world, a true 'by the fans, for the fans' medium if you happen to be an enthusiast for anything qualifying for the giant umbrella tag 'rock and metal'.

We've already seen what were the favorite albums of the editor's at This article contains the 2014 favorites by the remainder of our writers and contributors, who received the same task as our editors did. Look back in the year gone by and choose their picks based on a simple criteria: if you're reading this article three year's time from now, which albums do you think should be specifically highlighted as the ones worth mentioning from 2014. It was up to each writer to figure out just how many or how few albums they interpreted as suitable according to that description, and to rank them in order of preference.

Without further ado, I present you Best Music of 2014: Staff Picks. //PP

Michael 'MBC' Christophersen

MBC specialises in various forms of hardcore with occasional stints to death metal and hard rock. His taste is music that is serious, honest, passionate, brutal, emotional, meaningful and spiritual.

Lærke 'LF' Fenger

LF's preferred bands can usually be described as post-rock, pop punk, post-hardcore, metalcore, progressive metal, or any combination or experimental version of these. Her coverage this year reflects that while she's also always on the look-out for good bands in neighboring genres.

Mischa 'MN' Nielsen

Mischa's musical interests are firmly planted within heavy metal with a specific inclination towards the progressive and the ultra (djent) heavy. These recent years has, however, seen his interest stray to somewhat polar opposite corners of the rock spectrum. He is still metal to the bone, but also enjoys a good heartland rock song with solid songwriting and the invigorating moods conjured by the folk punk movement ever so popular today. In the meditative hours, Mischa enjoys his dose of cathartic post rock/shoegaze.

Hanna 'HES' Sandvik

HES has a background in punk/emo/post-hardcore, but has gradually also moved into the softer categories folk/indie/singer-songwriter. Genuinely in love with genre-crossovers and always up for listening to your friend's new jazz-infused garage-rock EP. A special place in HES heart is reserved for emotive, well-written, thought-provoking lyrics tied to a supporting composition. For HES it is important that an album is more than a mere collection of songs, but has a general soundscape and purpose.

Honorable mentions:

Martin 'MST' Thomasen

Martin is the other resident metal head, who has been eagerly covering the Jylland metal scene for multiple years here at Sadly, this is his last input as he will be stepping down as a writer and contributor.

Billy 'BW' Withers

One of the new kids on the block, Billy will put his ear to most things, unless he gets distracted by his love of prog and grunge. Ska and standard rock can also find their way in.

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