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author PP date 09/11/19 venue Loppen, Copenhagen, DEN

Sold out shows in Denmark are rare; even more so when they do so months in advance. Had you asked a year ago if I thought PUP could sell out the 400 capacity Loppen, most would've thought you're crazy. Yet here we are on a cold Saturday night in November, ready to get warmed up in the intimate confines of the classic Christiania venue to the tune of some of the most spazz-worthy, vibrant punk rock of recent years. Things are about to get sweaty in here, that's for sure, despite their vocalist Stefan being completely under the weather tonight. But let's get back to that later because the opening band Sløtface deserves a few words first.


Word has reached us in advance about the bubbly, high-energy Norwegian quartet whose alternative-rock fueled pop punk draws immediate comparisons to early Paramore material for its youthful, upbeat vibe. Vocalist Haley Shea sports an earnest, charming vibe that makes her and the band instantly likable, especially when they choose to fire some jokes off about definitely not being Swedish based on some overheard chatter in the crowd. Their songs have a high-energy flow to them, which culminates to Haley stage diving towards the end of the set whilst their guitarist is circling around within the crowd. They receive a warm reception from the crowd, but for yours truly, their songs are a little too anonymous and basic to leave a lasting impression. Decent, but nothing more, nothing less.


Loppen is packed to its limits with good views of the stage few and far in between even for us tall people by the time PUP get on stage. This situation is quickly resolved by opener "Morbid Stuff" that opens the pit and immediately pushes the smaller members of the audience away from the front of the scene to the outskirts of the venue. I don't blame them, because by the time "Kids" comes on, the floor is literally bending underneath my feet from people aggressively moshing and jumping up and down. It's one big mess of sweaty bodies and huge sing-alongs right away, which perhaps surprises the band and the audience somewhat as PUP isn't exactly in the pop-end of the music realm.

Here's where we learn that singer Stefan Babcock is terribly ill today, having to bring along a puke bucket on stage (which he even uses once during the set). "You've gotta help us sing along because no matter what happens to me up here, we're not stopping", he proclaims with a scratchier voice than usual, and the crowd roars back. The temperature in Loppen keeps rising as the crowd moshes and crash into each other, singing along to songs like "Free At Last", "See You At Your Funeral", "Sleep In The Heat" and many others. Babcock's voice might be breaking at times due to his illness, yet it just adds to the emotion and charge the band is displaying on stage. He even climbs on the drum set during "Scorpion Hill" initiate a sing-along, before jumping off in an explosive fashion. "Closure" and "Familiar Patterns" continue the sing-alongs, before we get some casual chatter about a Birkenstock because who brings sandals to a show... in November of all months!? That someone also loses their passport in the chaos says a lot about the sort of wild energy omnipresent in the venue tonight, reflected equally much on stage as it is in the crowd.

"Fuck Munich, this is the first show to sell out", "We were told you guys were calm here in Denmark... they lied!", and other small statements spice the show that also features a massive response to "If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will" as well as to final song "DVP" that closes the set, because PUP, they tell us, does not believe in encores. In the end, we're left with an exhausted, but a satisfied crowd and a band that on stage looks like these types of club shows are exactly what they live for.


  • 1. Morbid Stuff
  • 2. Kids
  • 3. My Life Is Over And I Couldn't Be Happier
  • 4. Free At Last
  • 5. See You At Your Funeral
  • 6. Sleep In The Heat
  • 7. Dark Days
  • 8. Scorpion Hill
  • 9. Closure
  • 10. Familiar patterns
  • 11. Reservoir
  • 12. If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will
  • 13. DVP

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