Darkest Hour Update

Posted by DY on 02/12/06

Darkest Hour have written an update about their upcoming UK tour and their plans to record a new album.

"We are stoked as hell to travel to the land of Zeppelin, The Darkness, The Beatles, The Who, (insert every other great rock band here....!), DaveO!, and FISH AND CHIPS! This wiil be our last performances on the Undoing Ruin record! Make sure you guys check out Kris's auction that will be up soon. All the proceeds will go to help pay for his medical bills. Its gonna be sweet!

Speaking of a new record we have been hard at work. We will be traveling to Vancover, BC to record once again with

Devin Townsend, who will produce and mix the record. We figured that no one else could help us put together the follow up to Undoing Ruin better then he (and we missed the coffee and great scenery!). So if you live in the Vancouver area and are going to be around between Feb and March then get in touch we want to hang, there may even be some guest hanging with TITO! We hope to see the new record out late June/July."

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