New Kings Of Leon LP "Can We Please Have Fun" set to drop in May

Posted by AP on 24/02/24

Nashville, TN-resident alternative rock group Kings Of Leon have set May 10th as the official release date for their new full-length album “Can We Please Have Fun”. It will be issued through Capitol and LoveTap Records with the following songs included:

01. “Ballerina Radio”

02. “Rainbow Ball”

03. “Nowhere to Run”

04. “Mustang”

05. “Actual Daydream”

06. “Split Screen”

07. “Don’t Stop the Bleeding”

08. “Nothing to Do”

09. “M Television”

10. “Hesitation Gen”

11. “Ease Me On”

12. “Seen”

You can view the artwork and pre-order the record on a format of your choosing here, and then watch the official music video for the lead single “Mustang” below.

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