Best Albums Of 2011: By The Patient

author PP date 18/12/11

Everyone loves lists. They convey a great amount of interesting information in a quick glance. At this time of year, lists are in. Shopping lists, wish lists, guest lists, you name it. And of course lists that hopelessly try to summarize an entire year's worth of music from a wide variety of genres in a ranked order. The latter are what we here at specialize in, usually receiving confused looks and voices of concern for our mental well-being once our opinions are out in public scrutiny. So we figured that in 2011, we'll ask some other people who might know better: a number of well-known and up-and-coming bands from the local scene. So in the coming weeks, you'll see a series of like-minded articles shaped as lists every couple of days as we go through the Danish music scene to discover what they thought were the ten best albums in 2011. We'll start with Copenhagen-based modern death metallers By The Patient, whose guitarist Simon has supplied us his favorite ten records of 2011 in ranked order. Oh, and don't worry - you won't be cheated from our misguided and thinly veiled lists of favoritism either. Those are coming as well.

Simon's (By The Patient) Top 10

1. Mastodon: "The Hunter"

2. Trap Them: "Darker Handcraft"

3. Der Weg Einer Freiheit: "Agonie"

4. All Pigs Must Die: "God is War"

5. Wolves in The Throne Room: "Celestial Lineage"

6. Book of Black Earth: "The Cold Testament"

7. Pet the Preacher: "Meet the Creature" EP

8. Skeletonwitch: "Forever Abomination"

9. Red Fang: "Murder the Mountains"

10. The Psyke Project: "Ebola"

Simon's Comment

I think that it has been a super positive year for music. The new tendency is lean towards old school, but with a breath of fresh air. You can really feel that many new as well as established bands are going back to their musical roots, but with their own touch and soundscape. We've seen more dirty rock'n'roll of the dangerous kind. It's more about ferocity and nerve than about technique and polished sound. That's how the albums I've selected have been like anyway. If this development continues next year, 2012 will be a fantastic year for music fans.

Check back in a couple of days for the top 10 from another prominent Danish metal band.

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