Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Cancer Bats The Spark That Moves 22/03/2019 AP 8
Children Of Bodom Hexed 21/03/2019 RUB 6
Morild Så kom mørket... 12/03/2019 RUB
Sick Of It All Wake The Sleeping Dragon! 01/03/2019 PP 8
The Story So Far Proper Dose 23/02/2019 PP 7
Restorations LP5000 23/02/2019 PP
Terror Total Retaliation 23/02/2019 PP 7
Polyenso Year of the Dog EP 20/02/2019 LL
Rotting Christ The Heretics 15/02/2019 RUB
Crystal Lake Helix 14/02/2019 KW
Death Cab For Cutie Thank You For Today 09/02/2019 LL
Malevolent Creation The 13th Beast 28/01/2019 RUB 7
Bring Me The Horizon amo 24/01/2019 KW 4
Behemoth I Loved You At Your Darkest 24/01/2019 AP 8
Basement Beside Myself 18/01/2019 PP
Nailed To Obscurity Black Frost 14/01/2019 AP 8
Fucked Up Dose Your Dreams 13/01/2019 PP
Saves The Day 9 13/01/2019 PP
Soilwork Verkligheten 12/01/2019 AP 8
Spurv Myra 07/01/2019 KW
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones While We're At It 07/01/2019 PP
Panic! At The Disco Pray For The Wicked 07/01/2019 PP
Living With Lions Island 07/01/2019 PP
Like Pacific In Spite Of Me 07/01/2019 PP 6
Elway For The Sake Of The Bit 07/01/2019 PP
Psycroptic As The Kingdom Drowns 07/01/2019 RUB
Daughters You Won't Get What You Want 06/01/2019 KW 9
Frank Turner Be More Kind 06/01/2019 PP
Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots (2018) 06/01/2019 PP
Pianos Become The Teeth Wait For Love 06/01/2019 PP
Architects Holy Hell 30/12/2018 AP 9
Holy Fawn Death Spells 28/12/2018 KW 9
Incisions Incisions 28/12/2018 MAK 8
Captain Trips Stand By EP 27/12/2018 MAK 7
Fair Do's Leopards 27/12/2018 MAK
Werecats Destined for the Outside 27/12/2018 MAK 7
Fastfade Happy If You Aren't 27/12/2018 MAK 8
The Minds of 99 Solkongen 23/12/2018 LL
At The Gates To Drink From The Night Itself 23/12/2018 AP 6
Uada Cult Of A Dying Sun 22/12/2018 RUB 9
Former Member Old Youth 20/12/2018 PP 8
Graduating Life Grad Life 20/12/2018 PP
Trophy Eyes The American Dream 20/12/2018 PP 9
Moose Blood I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore 20/12/2018 PP
Between The Buried And Me Automata I & II 19/12/2018 AP 8
The Dirty Nil Master Volume 11/12/2018 PP
Senses Fail If There Is Light, It Will Find You 11/12/2018 PP 8
A Perfect Circle Eat The Elephant 11/12/2018 PP
Leftöver Crack Leftöver Leftöver Crack 11/12/2018 MAK 7
The Ocean Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic 06/12/2018 KW


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