Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Grim Ordeal A Tragedy Unfolds 23/10/2014 BW 7
The Phuss On The Prowl 23/10/2014 BW 7
Colossus Badlands 23/10/2014 MBC
Blind Race Come and Get It EP 23/10/2014 BW 6
We Were Promised Jetpacks Unravelling 21/10/2014 TL 6
Weezer Everything Will Be Alright In The End 20/10/2014 TL 7
Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter 20/10/2014 AP
Self Defense Family Duets EP 20/10/2014 LF
Kuato The Great Upheaval 20/10/2014 LF
Moose Blood I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time 19/10/2014 PP
Grandview Everything Between Paint And A Wall 19/10/2014 PP 7
New Found Glory Resurrection 19/10/2014 PP 7
Sick Of It All Last Act Of Defiance 16/10/2014 PP
Grace.Will.Fall No Rush 16/10/2014 PP
PUP PUP 15/10/2014 PP 8
Calculator This Will Come To Pass 15/10/2014 PP
Iceage Plowing Into The Field Of Love 15/10/2014 PP
Oh Captive Advance Creature EP 15/10/2014 EL 7
Set To Break Redemption EP 15/10/2014 EL 7
Obliterations Poison Everything 15/10/2014 AP 7
The Woody Crushburn Coming Around 15/10/2014 HES
The Acacia Strain Coma Witch 13/10/2014 EL 6
Riwen Riwen EP 13/10/2014 AP
Winterfylleth The Divination of Antiquity 12/10/2014 EW 8
Lenny Kravitz Strut 09/10/2014 BW 7
Christian Bland & The Revelators The Unseen Green Obscene 09/10/2014 BV
Marmozets The Weird And Wonderful 08/10/2014 TL 9
Orange Goblin Back From The Abyss 08/10/2014 AP 7
Black Label Society Catacombs Of The Black Vatican 08/10/2014 AP 6
Kerretta Pirohia 08/10/2014 LF
Yellowcard Lift A Sail 07/10/2014 TL 7
Buzzcocks The Way 06/10/2014 PP 7
Look Alive Translucent EP 06/10/2014 TL
Feels Like Home Take On Anything EP 06/10/2014 TL
Electric Wizard Time to Die 05/10/2014 EW
Junior Battles Rally 05/10/2014 PP
The Copyrights Report 05/10/2014 PP 8
Two Houses Disappointer EP 05/10/2014 PP
Aphyxion Earth Entangled 05/10/2014 PP
Beatsteaks Beatsteaks 04/10/2014 PP 7
Brody Dalle Diploid Love 04/10/2014 PP
American Hi-Fi Blood & Lemonade 04/10/2014 PP
United Nations The Next Four Years 02/10/2014 PP
Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain 02/10/2014 EL 7
Agusa Högtid 02/10/2014 BV 7
The Janitors Evil Doings of an Evil Kind EP 02/10/2014 BV
The Slang The Slang EP 02/10/2014 TL
Lewis Knudsen Joy, Pain, Love, Songs 02/10/2014 LF
Lock And Key The Divide EP 02/10/2014 MBC
Obey The Brave Salvation 01/10/2014 MBC


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