Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
The Darlings The Darlings EP 03/02/2009 PP 7
Psycroptic Ob(Servant) 03/02/2009 AB 7
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Living For Death, Destroying The Rest 02/02/2009 EW 7
Billy Boy In Poison Dismissing Past Events EP 02/02/2009 AP
Search/Rescue The Compound 02/02/2009 TL
Kreator Hordes Of Chaos 01/02/2009 EW 6
Cash Cash Take It To The Floor 31/01/2009 PP 8
Wizard Thor 31/01/2009 PP
Dimitry Evolution EP 31/01/2009 PP
Sleep For Sleepers The Clearing 31/01/2009 TL
My Favorite Highway How To Call A Bluff 29/01/2009 TL 6
Unlight Death Consecrates With Blood 29/01/2009 PP
Franz Ferdinand Tonight: Franz Ferdinand 29/01/2009 AP 8
Cleo Malone Fear Comes With Imagination EP 29/01/2009 TL 8
Cattle Decapitation The Harvest Floor 28/01/2009 PP 9
Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! 28/01/2009 PP 6
Polar Bear Club Sometimes Things Just Disappear 27/01/2009 PP 9
Lordi Deadache 27/01/2009 PP 5
Hoobastank For(n)ever 26/01/2009 PP 5
There For Tomorrow There For Tomorrow EP 24/01/2009 TL 7
16 Bridges To Burn 23/01/2009 PP
Underneath The Gun Forfeit Misfortune 23/01/2009 PP 7
The Blackout Argument Remedies 23/01/2009 TL
A Girl A Ghost A Gun Through The Eyes Of Ahab 22/01/2009 PP 6
Coffins Buried Death 21/01/2009 AB 7
Hellmouth Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing 21/01/2009 PP
Shadows Chasing Ghosts Never Get a Wolf's Attention By Pulling Its Tail EP 21/01/2009 TL
Grave Digger Ballads Of A Hangman 21/01/2009 PP
One Dying Secret A Moment Of Truth For A Year's Worth Of Lies EP 21/01/2009 TL
Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion 20/01/2009 TL 8
Scream Hello Everything Is Always Still Happening 19/01/2009 TL 9
Fen The Malediction Fields 19/01/2009 EW 9
Sepultura A-Lex 19/01/2009 PP
VersaEmerge Perceptions EP 19/01/2009 TL 7
Ephel Duath Through My Dog's Eyes 17/01/2009 PP 1
Destroy Destroy Destroy Battle Sluts 16/01/2009 PP 8
Callahan Face The Day EP 16/01/2009 TL 7
Bittersky Album Of The Year EP 16/01/2009 TL 2
Dorian's Decay Our Day Has Come EP 15/01/2009 PP
Satyricon The Age Of Nero 15/01/2009 EW
F5 The Reckoning 15/01/2009 PP 6
The Summer Set In Colour 15/01/2009 TL
(hed) Planet Earth New World Orphans 14/01/2009 PP
Iron Fire To The Grave 13/01/2009 EW 2
Callahan Callahan 13/01/2009 AP 9
The (International) Noise Conspiracy The Cross Of My Calling 13/01/2009 PP
Asteria Asteria EP 13/01/2009 TL
Emergency Gate Rewake 13/01/2009 TL
Five Finger Death Punch The Way Of The Fist 13/01/2009 TL


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